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Chapter 1 - Overtura AF3


AF(After the Fall)3

The first time I had a vision was on my journey.

I departed from my birthplace, left the land I called home and traveled. I walked lands unknown to me and encountered a shocking number of things.

Things that fly, things that bloom on the ground, the things that were cool against my cheeks, and things that held pleasant aromas. One by one, the names of those things I didn't know were taught to me by that person. The names of birds, the names of beasts, the names of flowers, the names of grasses. Even the winds and the clouds have names.

There are many “things” in this world, and all of them have names.

Thinking back to it now, even these seemingly ordinary things had been a shock to me.


That’s why when I was asked if I enjoyed travelling, I immediately nodded. Because I can encounter the overflowing abundance of names in the world. I want to go far. I want to go to more different places. I want to know of the names I've never heard of. Travelling is what would grant that wish of mine.

What’s this? How about that?

He answers if I ask. I was so happy with that, I’d ask that person over and over again. The words that originated from me would reach someone’s ears and would be returned to me as different words. What fun that is. I didn't know that the thing called conversation could be so exciting until now. It was also after I began travelling with this person that I discovered such pleasures.

At the place where I was born and raised, not a single person spoke to me. Around me, not a single word was spoken by anyone; that was the norm.

As I speak of such things, that person makes a slightly troubled face and speaks. Those around you did that for your sake, he says.

From when seeresses are able to speak, they are forced to walk the path of a seeress. They have to go far from their homes and their villages too, and live where they will be unseen by others. In order to postpone such a day by even a little, the seeress’s family would try not to have her learn words.

However, even if they were cautious to distance her from words, if she even had a vision once, that instant would mark the beginning of her life as a seeress. Unlike words, the powers of foresight was not something people could do anything about.

So that is the reason why members of my family would at times look into my eyes, I surmised.


To see whether or not the crest of the Goddess had appeared in my eyes. Everyone had feared that.

As it turns out, I ended up learning words before I had seen the future. No matter how careful the members of my family were, there were times when words inadvertently reached my ears by chance.


I heard a voice yelling that. It sounded like a wail. I don’t know the circumstances behind what caused it to be produced.


I thought it a strange sound. So, I tried to mimic it. I was able to mimic it really well, so I tried doing it before the people of my household.

In that instant, everyone’s faces rapidly stiffened. I regretted thinking I had done something I shouldn't have. The girl who always fed me broke into tears. Her voice was so sorrowful. I cried too.

And then, before long had passed, that person came.

“Come Yeul.”

The moment I was called that, my tears stopped. It was someone whom I had never seen that had identified himself as Caius Ballad. Yet, I knew. Who it was that was before my eyes. What it was I had to do.

The woman was being swallowed up by the ground. She was entangled by a black something. She struggled until the end. She looked desperate.

That was the first “vision” I had seen. It was frightening and saddening. I protested while crying.

Who was that person? Did they go somewhere? Can’t they be saved?


The current me knows how stupid such protests are. Seeresses simply see have visions. No matter what it is they see, they cannot interfere, and they weren't allowed to either. Because the fate imposed on a person was something that belonged to they themselves.

However, the first time I had seen that, I was still young. I had finally just learned the few law of the seeress. I couldn't even fully comprehend what I was seeing.

Even so, that person spoke to me patiently. As he soothed the a sobbing me. I listened to his usual explanation and understood. The reason why seeresses must never stay in one place and live out of sight. The reason why when she saw a vision or learned words her life as a seeress would begin.

The words of a seeress would lead people astray. It had enough weight to twist the lives of many. That’s why I couldn't speak recklessly. One must not tell of what one sees... Aside from when it is to her one and only Guardian.

Even if I had met that  woman, I could not convey what I had seen. Maybe the woman would be saved if I would inform her. However, what is imposed upon her would not disappear. That would likely become a heavier burden which would seek to crush another person. It would likely take its toll on someone of no relation, of no sins.

That was the first time I thought my own words frightening.

I thought it was fun to hold conversations. I had been excited that the words that originated from me would reach someone’s ears and would be returned to me as different words.

That was because I had been living uninformed.


I had seen my second “vision”. A meteorite falling toward a seaside village. A twist in time. A gate appearing. It wasn't strange, nor frightening. A gentle looking woman and a black-haired man leave on a journey. Somehow seeing those two made me feel relieved.

Then, after not long had passed, I had another vision. It seemed that up until now, no seeress had seen another “vision” within such a short interval, so that person was very worried. The power of foresight cuts away at one’s life.

Even so, I was not afraid. Because the third time I had a vision, it had been those two once again. The kind looking woman was called “Serah.” The crest of the Goddess had also appeared on her eyes.

Though she isn't a seeress, she must be someone who also plays the same role as I. Instead of having to live away from the eyes of others as I do, surely she must meet a lot of people. And she likely protects many people as well.

After that, I had another vision of her. Of her standing and fighting despite being injured.

Serah. A kind and strong person.

It was because I wanted to meet her that I had him take me to the seaside village. I just wanted to see her, even if it was from afar.

Which era my second “vision” was from, I couldn't say for sure. I only knew it was from right before the meteorite fell.

Regardless, as if waiting for our arrival, the meteorite fell at the village and the gate appeared. We had made it. I could meet her. Just the thought of that made my heart leap. It felt similar to when I had first learned of conversations.


Before long, just as I had seen, Serah appeared before the gate. Her “companion” did as well. I held my breath and watched in anticipation for Serah and company to depart on their journey.

I want to watch over those two, I thought. The fact I had seen more visions than any other seeress up until now, and that the majority of them surrounded those two had to be due to the fact that watching over them was my “imposed task.”

I will travel in search for all the gates in the world. If I do that then I can watch over those two. Perhaps, someday I may be able to meet Serah. When that time comes, I want to tell her.

You’re not a priestess, but you are the same as me. Surely, you two would be able to do it. Even the things that I couldn't, you surely could.

I loved travelling. Because I could encounter those new names; that had been my only reason for loving to travel. But, It will be different now. I have found a purpose for my travels.

I will watch over you. That is my journey.

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